About urban games

Štvanice Time – island adventure game @ Storytelling! Festival

Date: 24.10.2015 (Prague)

Prague island Štvanice will be the arena for adventure game in which you´ll be able to try time travel and discover the past, present and future of the island.
The game is a part of Storytelling! festival and you´ll be able to visit a game for families with kids in the morning and a game for adults in the afternoon.
Tickets are available via HitHit here.
More information abour the game and the festival can be found here.

Thousand and One Olomouc

Date: 8.5.2015

Help us find 1000 stories linked with the streets, houses and parks of Olomouc… Join our urban game, which will bring new ways of looking on known and unknown places all around the city! Let’s go and talk to your grandmas, aunts, cousins and friends, who’s stories you like, and tell on them! Your story will become part of the urban game Thousand and One Olomouc by Divadlo na cucky!

You can find more information on the web or on facebook.

Back to Baťa’s World

Date: 9.8.2014 (Otrokovice)

Playful walk to the most significant architecture from the times of Tomáš Baťa in Otrokovice. The walk is a part of the cycle “Come to Baťa”. You may find the report from the walk here: http://www.otrokovice.cz/newwebotr/aktuality_def.aspx?id=3617 (the article is in czech).

Discover “bronx”: Brno hraje na city at Ghettofest

Date: 7.6.2014

This urban game was made as a part of Ghettofest festival. The aim of the game is to let you discover the part of Brno which is often called “bronx”. In the game you’d be looking at its history, at its prospects into the future as well as at interesting places and architecture which this part of the city offers. All of this would be playful and fun. In team of 2, 3 or 4 people you would go from one stand to another, from one time period to another, from one story to another in the streets between Cejl and Francouzská street. Discover “bronx” with us and join the game writing your application to barbara@brnohrajenacity.cz.

TIM_Game @ The Week of the City

Date: 13.5.2014

“What is it what you study?” “Theory of Interactive Media (TIM)…” “Ou, ok, and… what is that?”
Have you ever experienced this conversation? Then TIM_Game is for you and your friends. TIM_Game was made by students of TIM in cooperation with Brno hraje na city.
You will become a TIM student for one afternoon and you will playfully discover what is the content of this study. The game was created on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of TIM. Don’t worry, we will not test you, you don’t need your own robot or curatorial project, you don’t even need to know what the new/interactive/digital media are. 🙂

All you need to do is find 2-3 friends and form a team, then come on Tuesday 13th May 2014 between 15:00 and 17:00 to the front of Červený kostel (Komenského nám. 4) and become a student of TIM for few hours.

(Please, at least one team member will need a smart phone with camera and QR reader application – you don’t need internet connection. Thanks.)

Tiny Urban Games

Date: 15.5.2013 (Brno) / 1.6.2013 (Ostrava)

Městské hříčky are a tiny playful activity to make normal life in the city more colorful. They were created as a part of The Day of the City (Brno) and Mezidomí (Ostrava). The concept of Městské hříčky is inspired by 99 Tiny Games by London based studio Hide&Seek (http://hideandseek.net/projects/99-tiny-games/). In our version of these games you could have become a monument of Brno for laugh of your friends and you, or you could have taken a role of a public transport. You could have also practice looking around more carefully or discovering the rhythm in which people around us walk.

If you want tiny games for your event, we will be more than happy to create some new only for you, just contact us. 🙂

The South Center Opening

Date: 27.4.2013

The South Center Opening is an event of Brno based architects Ondřej Chybík and Michal Kristof. This event is not just about the urban game in an abandoned space next to shopping center Vaňkovka, but it’s also about the discussion with the architects, about an exhibition showing how this area can be used (permanently or just temporarily), about having a picnic with friends and about an evening near a bonfire with good food.

The urban game was about how to gain a permission to build something in this area – the players dream about what they would like to have here and then move through game in pursue to collect all the stamps which they need to make their dream true. Abandoned South center becomes a place for games, fun, thinking about the future of the area and a place to meet with friends.

Brno Plays the First RepubLeague

Date: 15.9.2012

The era of the First Czechoslovakian republic and significant buildings and localities of Brno from this era are the topics of the urban game Brno Plays the First RepubLeague. In spite of the game stands with information about architecture, habits and everyday life from the era between the two world wars there is also period clothing dress code waiting for you and swing dance lessons directly in one of the squares of Brno…

Ernst Wiesner’s Fingerprints in Brno

Date: 16.6.2012

Ernst Wiesner is one of the most famous functionalist architects from the interwar period who is presented also in the Brno Architecture Manual (http://www.bam.brno.cz/).
This urban game takes us through his life – from the time when he was born in Malacky, Slovakia until the end of his architecture work and his life. Using the example of Wiesner’s buildings and concepts we show the players not only the important moments in his life, but
also the principles and elements of functionalist architecture style.

The Adventure in the Streets of Brno

Date: 17.9.2011

As the name of this game suggests there are adventures hidden in the streets of Brno. This urban game shows to the players “hidden” or unknown places like the Minorit’s monastery with the loreta, the little square in front of the Capuchin’s Crypt, Biskupský dvůr, the colony “Nový dům” (The New Housing), Jurkovič House or Jalta Palace on Panenská street. The end of the game is a workshop with the architect Nicol Galé who will be incite the players to think (and come up with / draw a suggestions) about the surroundings of Svratka river near Poříčí (near the Faculty of Architecture).