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Tiny Urban Games

Date: 15.5.2013 (Brno) / 1.6.2013 (Ostrava)

Městské hříčky are a tiny playful activity to make normal life in the city more colorful. They were created as a part of The Day of the City (Brno) and Mezidomí (Ostrava). The concept of Městské hříčky is inspired by 99 Tiny Games by London based studio Hide&Seek (http://hideandseek.net/projects/99-tiny-games/). In our version of these games you could have become a monument of Brno for laugh of your friends and you, or you could have taken a role of a public transport. You could have also practice looking around more carefully or discovering the rhythm in which people around us walk.

If you want tiny games for your event, we will be more than happy to create some new only for you, just contact us. 🙂